Important Points CV and Resume Examples for Your Inspiration

Important Points CV and Resume Examples for Your Inspiration

Writing an excellent CV that could land you to the dream job instantly is highly difficult and can become mind-gobbling a lot of times. One has to be highly skilled with word choice and should be an expert in painting his experience on paper.

The recruitment processes have changed since after the pandemic. Employers are looking for candidates who are having an outstanding skill set as per the job description and who can work independently in every type of workplace environment.

Your curriculum vitae or your resume is the only thing with the help of which you can impress the employer. A study was published in the past by the expert recruiters that reflected, hiring managers and recruiters take 7 seconds only to decide whether the candidate should be called for the interview or not!

This shows that an applicant only has 7 seconds to impress the hiring manager with his resume.


Creating an excellent CV and that too from the scratch could be severely intimidating for a lot of people. An applicant is only having a limited timeframe of 6 to 7 seconds in which he has to shine out brighter than any other candidate.

Agreeing with the thought; bringing career experience, qualifications, and specific skills into the spotlight could be so much difficult for a lot of people. Obviously, not everyone is perfect at expressing himself.

Doing everything right and putting your skills into the limelight efficiently will bring a flashing sign on your resume that would say “Hire Me!” What you have to do is just create the CV with optimized keywords and great word choice.

Are you in the process of writing or updating your CV?

Looking for the inspiration to write a great resume?

Want to land the job instantly and can’t show up with a convincing resume?

Well, if your case is like that then don’t have to worry as we have got your back! In this effective and ultimate guide, we have compiled some tips that would help you to write an amazing resume in no time.

Shall we dive in? Let’s have a look at some effective tips that would help you to craft an amazing and convincing resume. Some samples of outclass CVs have also been given in this guide for your inspiration. Check them out!

Don’t forget to add a resume summary:

Do not neglect the importance of resume summary ever! This is the main headline of your CV in which you can express your personality. To the recruiters, your resume summary would work as a mirror of the personality and they would be able to judge you for the open job position.

Have a look at the layout and the format:

Make sure to have a look at the layout, design, and format of your resume. From the template design to the color contrast and fonts, your CV must be readable and neat enough before going in front of the recruiter. The recruiters nowadays look for the type of candidate who has a strong profile and a strong portfolio.

You just have 7 seconds to shine out brighter!

Keep in mind, you just have few seconds to represent yourself as the best candidate for the job opening. You must reflect all the expertise and should mention all the skills that you have. Do not forget to add your experience with the relevant job description. Also, you must optimize your resume with the best keywords so it could pass ATS.

Tailor your resume for each job application:

Before sending the hit button, make sure that you have tailored your resume as per the job description. This is one necessary thing that a lot of the candidates miss out. Ensure to read the job description carefully and then apply for the job. After reading the job description, make sure to tailor the resume accordingly and then send it for the job.

List your experience backward:

The experience column of your resume is the only section over which you should always focus the most. Mention your experience in backward style. Share the most recent job and its designation and then move backward. The recruiters always appreciate such CVs in which the candidate has mentioned his experience in chronological order- most to least recent.

Highlight the accomplishments:

How can you forget to share your accomplishments? Mention all your achievements in the resume and make sure that you aren’t sharing the responsibilities of your role. Highlight the valuable contribution and remarkable achievements that you have made in the past. This would help the recruiter to understand your interest in the open job position.


Below are some excellent samples of resume writing that would help you to craft a mind-blowing CV. Also, keep a keen eye on the CV structure. The resumes could be traditional, student-centered, career break or change, executive, academic, internship-based, undergraduate, post-graduate, military, nurse, or for the fresh-graduates.

For every type of resume, the structure differs! There are different ways of writing resumes for different industries. For this purpose, hiring a CV writing expert would work well. You can look for the online assistance of professionals and the best CV writing services to avail yourself of the best help from resume writing experts.

These are some of the amazing samples of the resume with which you can write the most compelling CV for your career. Make sure that you are highlighting the experience and achievements in the best way possible and putting them in the best light. Hiring a professional resume writer for this purpose is going to help you put things efficiently.


With the help of this guide, you must have got the idea of how to mention important points in the resume and how to share the achievements in the best possible way. With the help of these few samples, you will get the idea of how to paint the personality on a paper of yourself. Also, you can check a lot more samples on the internet before writing a resume of your own!