Optimize Your CV for Employers in 2021

10 Best Ways to Optimize Your CV for Employers in 2021

Writing a resume could be difficult for a lot of people. Maintaining a CV is one big struggle from which only a few candidates can make their way through. The resume trends come and go and since after the pandemic of coronavirus, these trends have been reshaped.

Creating a good resume can be one of the greatest and toughest challenges in the phase of job hunting.

A recent study reflected, that recruiting managers mostly take only 7 seconds to decide either they would like to hire the candidate on the basis of his resume or not!

Since the pandemic, the recruiters have changed their hiring methods and are looking for some excellent candidates. To make the way in any prestigious organization and to land the job of choice, one has to craft an excellent CV in which his skillset is painted efficiently.


The curriculum vitae- CV of a person is a documented single-page profile in which qualification, personal details, and relevant job experience are written. The writing of a well-structured and well-maintained CV could be highly intimidating for job-seekers.

In this era of technology and bots, the recruiters are also taking the help of ATS software- the applicant tracking system. This helps the recruiters to get only keyword-optimized and highly matched profiles on their table for the job opening.

Optimizing CVs could be a new and challenging task for the candidates. This is basically the tailoring or the creation of the resume with optimized keywords. In such types of resumes, the keywords and relevant terms are used in contrast with the job description.

This is also an essential component of creating a CV because to pass the ATS software, your resume must be keyword optimized.

Are you the one who is looking for career switch opportunities? Or are you the one who wants to apply to your dream organization? We understand right that you are hustling with the CV creation and haven’t managed to land your favorite job up till now!

If this is how your case is, then here is good luck because, with the help of this article, you would be able to explore 10 such ways in which your CV could be reshaped and can be optimized as well.


Agreeing strongly with the fact that writing is pretty daunting and nerve-wracking for so many people! But when it is about the writing of the optimized CV, this could be more back-breaking and you may feel short of words because so many of us are bad at expressing our own self.

You can also take the help of the online assistances that are available and can buy resume online as well to avoid the hustle.

However, if you want to write the CV on your own then here you go with the best ways to optimize your CV. Hear us out.

Update the design and the template:

You must start tailoring your resume right from its design and template. Give a keen check to the color, font, layout, and style as this impacts the recruiter a lot.

Make your experience section shine out brighter:

Ensure to add a lot of the experience that is relevant to the job description in your resume. Also, make sure to tailor your CV for each job.

Add the remote work skills:

You can also add your remote working skills to your CV. This will help the recruiter to understand your remote working abilities during the pandemic.

Be honest:

Stay honest in your resume. There is no need to share something false about your experience and your qualification. You must mention the correct and authentic details about yourself.

Share the efforts during the pandemic:

Mention all your efforts and learning that you have done during the pandemic. This would help the recruiter to understand that you have gained the skillset in the past time.

Add a resume summary:

The idea of adding a resume summary is simply amazing. This is also helpful to give the recruiter an idea of your personality at the start of the CV.  

Start with the headline:

Write the headline in your resume. A good personal statement is all enough to do wonders for you in landing the job.

Add amazing skillset:

Mention your skills in the resume with honesty. Don’t forget to show your expertise. You can also do this in the form of a number scale.

Optimize with the keywords:

Make sure to optimize your resume with the excellent and optimized keywords from the job description. This is an important element to pass the ATS software.

Edit and proofread:

After completing the writing stage, this is the time to edit and proofread your CV. Make sure to eradicate all the grammatical and spelling errors and then submit the CV for your dream job.

FINAL WORDS: This short guide would help you to explore the 10 best ways to Optimize Your CV for Employers in 2021. By incorporating these methods into the optimization of your resume efficiently, you will surely land the job of your choice.