how to get more interview calls- a guide for you with 10 amazing tips

10 Tips To Get More Interview Calls

Callbacks from organizations are getting quite harder these days, as companies mostly prefer extraordinary applicants that are trusted in the relevant market or industry. For that, applicants need to revamp their resumes to stand taller in the competition. According to a report published in NCBI, proper and effective personal branding increases the chances of callbacks, interviews, and recommendations in an organization. A practical approach for job search with effective and persistent personal branding increase the number of callbacks received by an applicant.

Tips To Get More Interview Calls:

Following are the 10 tips to maximize interview calls for job seekers.

Stand Out From The Rest: Make your CV unique from others, highlight the unique skill, or knowledge, you own that sets up apart from others. Use a template that reflects your personality, and insert accurate information in it, to avoid confusion. Also, including a link of your achievements or accomplishment may help (if there are any) to get more callbacks, as it may appear authentic.

For example, if you are a content writer – just copy the link of your published content and attach it to your resume or email.

  • Hire A Helper:

If you are confused, what suits your academic and professional needs, then hire an expert who can choose a perfect template for you, insert technical, interpersonal, soft, and hard skills, along with the required information. There are online sites that provide, CV writing, resume proofreading services, and amending services. There are various mistakes or errors that are mostly pointed out by recruiters since the writer is sometimes unable to identify their own mistakes. Thus, adopting a collaborative approach is important while finishing a CV because it reduces the chances of mistakes and errors. 

  • Prepare A Video Resume:

These are also known as the Prezi resume. This resume includes transitions or videos, that can be used to send as a combined portfolio. Generally, it piques the interest of the recruiters, makes the candidate stand out from the rest, and highlights the accomplishments and capability of the applicant.

  • Use Social Media Sites:

When the CV is completed with all effective precautionary measures, build a robust social media presence for yourself. It is essential to mark your presence on multiple social media platforms because social media plays a vital role in personal branding and creating an identity in the potentially relevant market.

According to a Blog published by Jenn Chen on “36 Essential social media marketing statistics to know for 2021”, every minute there are 3 people hired on LinkedIn as there are 14 million open jobs available on the platform alone. Apart from it, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram work as an open online portfolio or CV of a person which increases callbacks and job opportunities.

  • Create Contacts:

This part of the job requires interpersonal skills and effective communication skills, as they help to create contacts, meet new people, and personalize the approach. Moreover, getting associated with charitable organizations, or global projects such as being a part of sustainable development goals (SDG) also serves a positive impression on your CV and enables the companies to learn from your experience.

  • Keep In Check:

Most opportunities are missed if the candidates are passive instead of active. Some companies shortlist 15 to 30 people for the same role. If you are shortlisted, the company may send a confirmation email for a follow-up. Responding late to the email can make you suffer the loss of opportunity. Thus, it is important to always keep in check with the emails, texts, and calls along with the information provided on a CV.

  • Search Your Opportunities:

Sometimes, utilizing backdoors is necessary. While targeting a company to apply for a job, it is important to have in-depth research on the company, including its products, goods, mission, and vision. Furthermore, talk to people around in your circle to get a referral or a recommendation. When you have an in-depth idea about the culture of the company, you can better communicate your ideas with the interviewer.

  • Check the Postings for Similar Job:

Sometimes, the candidates are almost doing everything, however, the callbacks are taking time. Sometimes, callbacks might take a little longer. In such situations, it is essential to act logically. Instead of waiting for companies to revert – start applying to similar roles in other companies. By doing this, you shift your hiring chances from nothing to something.

  • Compromise a little:

If you are applying for a job where you recognize the fact that you may not be a perfect match, then it is important to reduce their risk of investing in you by hiring you on a contract basis. Once you have proven your capability – they might offer you a full-time position.

  • Take Baby Steps:

Interviews can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when it’s been a long time hunting for jobs, giving interviews, and getting no callbacks. In such a situation, it’s time to evaluate – how to get more interview calls? What is wrong with your current strategy? Is there anything missing? Asking these questions to yourself or an expert may help you to determine the actual problem that is affecting your opportunities. Therefore, it is important to take baby steps, understand the root cause, follow all these 10 steps provided above, and enjoy more job opportunities.

By following the above-shared tips, a candidate might get their hands on a pool of opportunities. However, you also need to understand that every opportunity is not for everyone. If you miss one, it’s okay! Moreover, personal branding via personal connections and adverting yourself on multiple social media platforms can also escalate your chances of callbacks. You just don’t have to lose the motivation.

Get, Set, ROCK!