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Leveraging you with the best and free online resume evaluation service that helps you to cut through the noise and stand out in the masses! A bad CV can destroy your corporate image disastrously. We ensure that doesn't happen to you. Our certified resume evaluation professionals make sure they have caught all the mistakes in the document before the recruiter does it.

Genie Resume offers its services across the territory of USA, encompassing cities like Chicago, Houston, and NYC. We have been acknowledged as top-rated review providers in the region. We dedicate this immense recognition to the top-notch resume reviewers at our firm.

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The agenda is to communicate your corporate value via a cutting-edge CV. But spelling and grammatical errors can be a giant obstacle - we work to remove that. Genie Resume has hired the best resume checkers of USA, who inspect the content for spelling, grammar, vocabulary, ATS compliance, plagiarism, and an overall score of the paper.

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The team of resume checkers delivers you perfect free CV review accompanied by valuable tips, to show you the path towards a better resume! The resume review encompasses an extensive comment regarding all the sections of the document. Following are the areas of the resume we look after:

ATS Compliant Resume Checker

The first thing that knocks out the resume from the pile is keywords! You need to be sure that the document possesses the right keywords, that match the job description and passes the resume ATS checker.

Resume Spell and Grammar Checker

The document is scanned for all grammatical, and spelling errors. We have native resume proofreaders who possess in-depth knowledge of grammar and spelling. This will give you a competitive advantage over the masses; that are in the competition with you for the dream role.

Uniqueness of The Document Content

Besides checking it for plagiarism, the experts check the resume for content uniqueness too! Because the recruiter already has a stack of exceptional resumes - you need to be loudest, clear, and precise to stand out! The pros read out the document content to see if it's up to par or not.

Layout, Tone, and Readability

The key attribute of a top resume review is to have a perfectly composed layout, coupled with a professional tone, and a good readability score. Despite offering free resume checks in USA, we do not compromise on the quality of feedback!

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